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Always popular – cryptocoins

As from early April, i have started to mine Bytecoins on My rig is small one, mostly of some old computers, but I have 14 of them! I can make 500 H/s and that is around 1400 BCN per day. So for April I have mined 22-23 USD. Im withdrawing to, where I’m converting BCN to BTC on price 0.00000035. I`m not hurry anywhere, so I can wait few days or weeks for that price, it depends. From time to time exchange goes mad, as it is while I’m writting this. BCN went to 0.00000065 per BTC. And that is super! I have only 1500 BCN on my account as I was mining XMR for a week, as Poloniex suspended Bytecoins last week on few hours, so I was afraid to lose everything and moved to XMR mining, that was more profitable at the moment. At the moment XMR is going down and BCN is going up, so yes I have lost few busks because of bad decision, but that’s just few bucks friends, yes. My first advise, if you planing to involve yourself in mining “crypto currencies” as a hobby, don’t follow daily news too much. Yes, of course you will follow news for currency you mining at the moment, but you really don’t need to know if it will fall or rise on exchange. You’ll have your own calculation and you will sell your currency for your price on exchange. Really. You only have to be armed with patience for that. At least one time in month, you’ll have your price there. I had a bad idea, BCN will disappear from exchange, when I was started mining, so I have sell 40k BCN for price of 0.00000015 BCN in end of April. And then I have realise, I don’t have to hurry, so second hand of 20k I sold on exchange for 0.00000033 and made same amount of BTC. So miners, please be patient.








I’m using Debian Jessie for almost all my computers. As I’m working in Windows enviroment, I’m using SSH to access to all this computers. Let me explain you how I’m preparing computers for mining. Ok, so you’ll need network install of newest Debian. It is easy. Just go to click on this link and you`ll download iso image of OS. You’ll need at least x64 cpu, 512MB of RAM, at least some kind of HDD and you are good to go. You can make an bootable devices from literally anything. I’m using CD and/or SD card reader. For burn iso image on CD, you can use Windows, right click on iso file and burn image, for USB/SD card bootable image, I will suggest you tool called “Rufus”. Use DDE, block by block making image for Linux. You need really just SSH server and tools (2 last options) when Debian asks you for what you need. When its finished, after grub installation, reboot and login as root. Installing minergate on Debian is just 3 lines, but before that you`ll need to edit and restart SSH server. So:

nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config


PermitRootLogin without-password
PermitRootLogin yes

Then press CTRL+O to save sshd_config and CRTL+X to exit utility.


/etc/init.d/ssh restart

To restart SSH server and


to see what is you current local IP address.

For installing miner use this:


dpkg -i deb-cli

minergate-cli -user youremail -bcn

Where BCN can be XMR as well or XMR+FCN if you want to mine Fantom coins.

That’s it!