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Etherium thoughts

Ethereum is in no way is trying to be Bitcoin 2.0. The concept is totally different. Same fundamental Blockchain but Bitcoin is really useless. It is only a Blockchain. It is a lot like Gold. Gold is relatively useless but we give it value because of the properties it has an an element. Gold has some practical application, like in electronics, but that is insignificant compared to the value of Gold as an element. Bitcoin is the same. It’s just a Blockchain with value due to the time and cost invested in it. Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin came from Bitcoin with this entirely new idea. He is a genius in my opinion. Ethereum is like Silver. Silver is considered a precious metal but it has so much more practical applications than Gold. When you mix Gold with other metals it becomes less valuable and less useful, but when you mix silver with other metals you get a wide range of chemicals and alloys that have real world useful applications. Ethereum is exactly like Silver. Ether is Silver. Developers add their mix of code (other metals) to create something new (a new alloy) and it becomes something useful. I’m a Principal Software Engineer/Senior Software Architect, and I plan to fully exploit this technology now. I am but one man. I’ve incorporated the company and I’m waiting for all my official papers. They should be here in no more than a week now. This is not easy as one man. I need a team, but I dont have the money to pay anyone. I don’t even know people who are willing o try to understand this technology. I have a plan fully laid out, but I need a team. I’ve been talking to Parity and I actually have a skype call with them on Thursday. I would need Parity. I need people, but the problem is that no one believes in Blockchain technology or has even heard of it. The Europeans, Russians and Asians are dominating the development right now (i.e Parity is German). It sucks. The US involvement is driven by huge corporations. The will monopolize the market soon. I hope to have a product ready before that so they can factor my contributions into their work. I can’t reveal much without an NDC. This is what the Lawyer is constantly saying. Not until the company is positioned better. The problem is speed. You have to be fast! Like I said, everyone outside the US is killing it. Speed is critical. I can use the Ethereum crowd funding later, but without a tangible product with proof of concept, I cannot do that yet. To create a tangible product takes time and resources. This is what I, as one man, with a job, cannot achieve alone. I’d leave my job anytime to do this fulltime but I can’t live without income and the money for the business is just not there. I don’t have enough and I’ve invested so much so far out of pocket. Investors won’t invest because 1. they don’t understand the technology, and 2. they won’t sign an NDC, and I will not talk to anyone without signing the NDC, even if they offered a million dollars. The NDC must be signed.

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