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NeoCons Balkan inheritance

Finally some material!

While browsing “YouTube” and clicking on “Twitter” during eighteen anniversary of NATO aggression on Serbia I was really disappointed this year. Same old articles, same faces every year, child that was born then back in 1999, would be become of age this year, but still we have silence here. Oh, not just here in Serbia, we have silence in west and east. You can find few voices during anniversary day, on 24th on March, remembering the victims and that’s it. There is no explanation, there is pure silence on subject. There is official story, of course. But, now 18 years later, if you just try to explain official version, it doesn’t have any sense. And that is a problem. History is written by winner, but even if it is so, story has to have some sense, when you try to explain to other human being, that wasn’t born on that time. At least, that’s what i think. When i was learning history in school, all stories had some sense. That’s how my history teacher explained to us. Every war has to have cause and effect. This war, NATO operation “Noble Anvil” is different. And as time goes by it is much more visible. Changed facts since 1999:

  1.  Račak massacre (killing of 45 Kosovar Albanians) there is no evidence in court after long and detailed investigation. Even after 18 years! It was shortcut for NATO aggression and it was probably done by same Kosovar Albanians – “Shiftars” crimes, that was killed their own people. It is crime and it has to be investigate and who ever did it, it should be punished. Was it Ramush Haradinaj? Or was it false report of William Walker?
  2. Wesley Kanne Clark, Sr., when retired, has granted the rights to search for coal over one-third of Kosovo territory. As a reward for supporting Hillary Clinton in 2008? Or for fake reports from war field?

There is no court verdict for this 18 years for this war. just 5,700 civilian deaths and economic loss of $29.6 billion on Serbia side. Both sides claim victory and according UN Resolution 1244; de facto separation of Kosovo from Yugoslavia under United Nations temporary administration.

So, NATO launched a campaign without UN authorization. That was started because fake incident, and lead to UN Resolution 1244, that later lead to Kosovo self proclaimed independence in 2008.

Few days later…

I have found this “YouTube” video that explains a lot. It is on Serbian, but I`m going to explain, in short what is claimed here.

Press conference from March 21st 2017, by Serbian journalist Milorad Vukašinović. He was working research on this subject for 18 years. In his lecture “Geopolitical aspects of the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia” he explains 3 main cause for NATO aggression.

  1. Phenomenon of militarization of world politics
  2. Serbian refusal to accept the IMF and World Bank model of economic policy, from book written by Strobe Talbott “Globalisation of nations”
  3. Willy Wimmer letter where German Politicians Reveals the Hidden Agenda behind Kosovo’s “Independence”

All this is hidden from mainstream politics by “NeoCons” and European leftist movements, during this long 18 years period. After their defeat on USA elections 2016 people of Serbia is waiting for answer, is it right time now? Even if it is not, when this documents find their way to Serbian public, Serbian people should know it’s historic path is not with west, because of victims and blood shed during time period 1991-2000, during breakup of former Yugoslavia.

To be continued

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