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MS Exchange Server 2016

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This article is not some free advertisement for Microsoft Exchange server, but about one project with task “install, setup and migrate from Kerio Connect to MS Exchange”.

So what we had before Exchange is “Kerio Connect”. There were some lags and customer decided to go for Exchange with Google SMTP.

150 mailboxes, 3 mail domains, mainly outlook and mobile devices iPhone, Android and Windows.

We didn’t want no interruptions, on customer side, so we just started from building new server.

Raid 10, Xeon, 32 GB memory – all basic things, and IP KVM.

After, making all things to work together, (in service), server was in rack, connected to network.

Windows Server 2016 was in 20 minutes all done.

Updates, activation all usual things.

After that comes Exchange Server installation and setup, witch was followed with importing everything that was possible from „Kerio Connect”. Whoa, that was long proces, but in end, all what we need to do is to add few more users manually. and we had working Exchange.

Then we made one „secret” account on Google with G-suite, forwarded dns to Google and ask for Google support to pass all our transport to our Exchange, asking them to do basic cleaning on their side.

Exchange made Self-signed certificate when you add new email domain, so it was easy.

That is short story, which will be edited yet, how we installed Microsoft Exchange Server 2016. We are planing to use „Squirrel” as web-mail service. That is yet on to-do. For now it is only important, all user receives their email, and it is working 50% faster.

Oh, it wasn’t “Kerio Connect” who made lag, but some other settings, that was filtrating (blacklisting and whitelisting domains), customer wanted MS Exchange Server and I wasn’t payed enough to know why they want that, but to setup what is their decision.

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