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Office 2016

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I’m using Microsoft Office, from early 1997. It was “Office 95” but there were few major updates on that application package, so guy who installed it, introduced me as “Office 97”. So, few years after that, that was simply something, my basic tool, for everything. I’m aware, it is just history.

“Dinosaur” applications is almost extinct these days, yea.

When you prepare new computer, and you want to be prepared for internet, you don’t need “Office” anymore. You can choose between “Google apps”, all different kinds of Open office’s, or some less known online application. But, if want to work in sheets, tables, or to import-export from SQL tables or Access database`s, then you will probably go with “Excel”. This tool was and it is currently, tool, you won’t be able to manage to work, any serious project. You will try to manage to save some money, by using “Google sheets”, but after few days, you’ll going to receive table, and you’ll simply have to install “Excel”.

“Outlook” has been criticized, more than other email clients, like “it is slow”, “there is interruption of work sometimes” etc. But, if you are entrepreneur, you have one or two workstations for your business, you`ll need every piece of „Outlook”, reliable platform, what ever people saying or think. In the end, if you ask them: “Ok, what is your suggestion? What should i use for e-mail?”, they will be silent and probably suggest to you “Android” or “iPhone”. So what should you do when phone start to act crazy or someone just by accident take your phone? Is it your business strong enough to lose names and contacts and meetings and appointments? No, ofcourse, not! And yes, I can agree, that your phone will be in good shape in few days, and there will be everything as it was, because you keep everything on cloud, but you mind to spend additionally few bucks, for reliable workstation with „Excel” and „Outlook” on it? Of course not.

So, “Microsoft” was friend of us, self-employed entrepreneurs, from it’s early start and we will change our habits very hard, so why they are keep on changing in every new version? Well, they have to keep on innovating and secure their products, as you’ll going to do with yours products/services.

Other than “Excel” and “Outlook”, part of new office package is “Skype” and “OneDrive”. Yes, there is other application and you can use something else, but as you already purchase “Office”, you will definitely use your 15GB on “OneDrive” cloud (+15GB or more, depends of what kind Windows phone you have). Yes, I agree, same thing as “Google drive”. And I`m going to make a test in some of my future articles.

What is new in “Office 2016”?

They have removed lot of things. According this article they removed Clip Art, Document Information Panel, Equation editor 3.0, support for EPS formats, few languages, few themes and application version is not shown anymore. It is nothing, Microsoft just following steps with time, most of this things is just moved to “online” use (Clip Art) or implemented directly in application (Equation editor).

For “Excel” they changed where “Power View” button, it is not anymore in ribbon Insert->Reports, but you can use it, if you follow these steps.

Minor changes for “Outlook” also, most of them connected with settings for “Exchange server” connection (“Exchange 2007” is not supported anymore). Internet is “must” these days, so they’ve been improving in that direction, I guess. Removed “Outlook Social Connector”, who cares when you work in your private e-mail client, and that is correct move.

That`s it!

On same time it is much faster and better looking than “Office 2013”, far better than “Office 2010”. And at same time, when you spend nights and nights, over and over again, with this tools, it will same for you, weather it is “Excel 2016” or some other version. Ok, not earlier than 2013, because there was major change with functions “VLOOKUP” and “HLOOKUP”, but if you type in „Word”, no difference, believe me, even with “Outlook”. There is more updates that you’ll operating system will need for older version, but as soon as “Spam definitions” are current one, you won’t see any difference.

Installing is easier then ever. Just put DVD or USB stick, or mount image from “Windows” and setup will start by itself. There are no question during install. Install will be finish in 10 minutes, if there are no problems. After installation, licencing and you are good to go. New “Outlook” support all older version of *.pst files, so you can import your old emails, contacts, appointments, maybe it is not bad idea, if you didn’t already do before, to save all that in cloud, for every case. Especially now when you have that space on “OneDrive” And to use in future IMAP, instead of POP.

“Office” is a too large subject, so I`ll be glad to answer any question you have and/or help with installation, so don’t hesitate to contact me on email.

Thank you for reading this article and supporting me, i would`n manage without you, all this years.

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